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Hello Mama.


Perhaps you're here because you are struggling with specific hot spots at home... like getting your kids out the door in the morning or to sleep on time, sibling squabbles or homework horrors.

Perhaps you're fed up with being a shouty parent or being triggered by your kids and losing your cool... you'd just like your children to listen to you the first time you ask, and to be responsible and cooperative.

Perhaps you're worried about your child - maybe you see their low self-esteem, insecurity or anxiety and are not sure how best to help them.

Or perhaps you just want to take pro-active action to ensure you are as well equipped to handle any situation with your children in the most respectful way help them reach their full potential and to be and become their best selves.

When YOU are ready to bring out that confident, calm, and conscious parent that is already within you, there are TWO ways of working with me: 

1) The Academy Program

2) Private Coaching

The Academy

This 6-week self-paced online program will transform your everyday family life. 

It gives you a framework within which to go from conflict to cooperation:


  • shouting, reminding, begging or pleading
  • shaming and punishing
  • counting to 3
  • feeling frustrated, guilty, helpless or overwhelmed
  • googling every annoying situation and piling up parenting books on your bedside table 
  • wishing you could start over or be given another child


  • feeling calmer and more confident
  • knowing how to handle and manage ANY parenting situation that arises, no matter what age your child is or how "challenging" or "different" they are
  • effectively handle misbehaviour
  • knowing how to HELP your child with whatever they are going through
  • bringing out the best in yourself as a parent and feeling like you've got this
  • bringing out the best in your child, helping them be good and behave well
  • delighting in your child and enjoying everyday family life

Aren't you and your family worth it?


Yes, tell me more!

Private Coaching

Private Coaching packages give you personalized, laser-focused attention on YOU and YOUR unique family situation. 

We "meet" virtually, 1:1, on a regular basis for a set period of time to get you the results you want. 

Results like:

  • to stop shouting, repeating yourself or shaming your kids
  • to help your child with anxiety or social issues
  • to help your child with their confidence
  • to manage defiance and misbehavior
  • to help your children get along and stop bickering
  • to reduce the chaos you feel is your family life
  • to stop getting triggered by your child
  • to get your partner/co-parent on your side
  • to figure out how to enjoy this parenting role and delight in your child

Things don't have to be TERRIBLE in your family right now for you to get some coaching - oftentimes, parents get the most value out of coaching when things are bumbling along okay, but there are little incidences here and there and they just know deep down that it could be better or not feel as hard.

We tackle whatever situations or challenges you and your child are facing right now by looking at 3 main areas: 

1) Your parenting skills (e.g. communication, discipline, organization)

2) Your mind  (e.g. your thoughts about your child, yourself, your family and/or the situations that arise)

3) Your and your child's emotions  (e.g. building emotional intelligence, processing emotions, how emotions are impacting your  and your child's actions and reactions)

Private Coaching gets you the results you want quickly, and then ensures that you and your child build habits to ensure that these results LAST.   

It gets you results when YOU are deeply committed to learning the skills and mindset to successfully navigate your role as a parent, no matter how old your child is or how unique they are.

Are you in?

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Hi ! I'm Miki.

I'm Miki, conscious parenting and life coach.  

I am passionate about helping parents just like YOU to make their lives easier and happier.

I see the overwhelm, confusion and guilt you feel.

I know how worried you are and how exhausting it can get.

I understand that you want the best for your child and your family.

Imagine how it would feel to be confident about how you're navigating family life and showing up as parent? 

To not question yourself and to know that you were absolutely supporting your child to be their best self?

To know how to stay calm and in control in the face of misbehaviour or defiance?

To feel GREAT about being a parent, delight in your child and ditch the drama?

You're smart, remarkably capable and determined.  And somewhere, you know that exceptional, confident parent is within you.  

I believe you can bring out the best in yourself AND your children.  

Are you ready?


Immediately after the first session I felt empowered and could feel the negativity lifting. It has been amazing to see the response from the children to the simple tools for parenting that I received from such a patient and understanding coach. 

I discovered a healthier way to bring up my family and avoid future pitfalls.


Thank you so much for the terrific classes.  I have gained so many tools to use with my family and have stopped shouting at my children and feeling like a complete failure. 

Now, I am much calmer, my children are calmer and the dynamics of our whole house has changed.  I am so glad that I did this course, thank you.


I’m very grateful for your support. I really like how you set up the sessions.  It’s very inspiring for me as a parent.

The best win for me is that you set me up in the right mindset, where I approach difficult situations with compassion and calm. 

Still Not Sure?

I get it. It can be tough to know whether you really need support or whether I can even help YOU.

I also know that YOU don't have to struggle as a parent.  You don't have to accept the "bad days" as part of the package.  It CAN be different.  It CAN be better.

If you're still feeling unsure as to the right way forward, I invite you to book a FREE introductory call. 

On this call, you'll learn exactly what's holding you back from being the parent you want to be and having the family life you desire. 

Together we'll discuss the next steps for you to move closer to your vision and what it'll take to get there.  It could be an amazing first step towards a transformed family life.

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