The My Parent Toolkit Academy

Want to know the secrets behind being a confident, calm and peaceful parent?

Want some solid, pragmatic tools you can use straight away to make your everyday life easier?

Want to have a fun and positive family atmosphere and be done with all the repeating, shouting, shaming and blaming? 

Want to feel that you are helping your child be and become their best self and realise their potential?

If you said YES to any of these, the Academy is for you!

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What is the My Parent Toolkit Academy?


The Academy is 6-module peaceful parenting program that is designed to upskill your parenting, impact your mindset and help you strengthen your family relationships and transform everyday life.  

Whether you are experiencing conflict and chaos at home or would just like more cooperation and confidence as you guide your children toward their future selves, the Academy can help you expand your parenting skillset and grow your parenting confidence so that you are able to successfully navigate existing challenges and new situations, no matter the age of your child.

Parenting is one of the most demanding and important roles we have in our lives.  Yet most of us come to it unprepared and uneducated - we've educated ourselves for our careers and hobbies, but somehow had the idea that nature would take care of any parenting education!

The reality is that Parenting is a skill - like any skill it can be learned and improved.  And unless you have a background in child development or human psychology, it can be really tricky to understand why your child is behaving the way they do, what they are trying to communicate and how best to help them.  With so much information readily available, it can be confusing and difficult to know exactly what to do in various situations.

And that's where the Academy will help you.  It's a complete framework that will allow you to confidently and calmly navigate any parenting situation.  Because you'll learn skills and mindset that will serve you as long as you are a parent, and no matter the age and stage of your child.

It's time for you to bring out the best in yourself and your children.

Hey there!

I'm Miki, conscious parenting and life coach.  I'm super excited to welcome you to the Academy and support you in creating positive, lasting change in your family life.

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, exhausted or just plain unsure of whether what you're doing as a parent and for your children is the right thing.  To have so much self-doubt and feel like you're constantly searching for answers. 

I know what it's like to witness yourself behaving in ways you thought you never would, whether that's shouting at your kids, criticising them, shaming them or even just slamming doors out of sheer frustration and anger.

I also know that just reading books, blogs, asking other parents and listening to podcasts, no matter how amazing, isn't enough on their own.  

The Academy provides you with a proven Framework for learning and up-skilling your own parenting. 

Each lesson and module is specifically designed to help you get the pragmatic information you need and put it into practice in your family life straight away.

There is no uncertainty. There is no debating.  Yes, you're going to need to make some decisions for yourself because you're not going to learn exactly what to do in every situation.  The Academy will, however, give you the skills and concepts to apply to any situation.

I know it IS possible to set your vision for your parenting and family and to achieve it.  To bring out the best in yourself AND your children and to feel confident as a parent.  To be able to delight in your children, enjoy your family time and still remember who you are and pursue your own ambitions and dreams.

Are you ready?

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Here's What You Get When You Join the Academy:


Your transformational journey starts as soon as you enrol when you'll get immediate access to the bite sized lessons in the first module.  The subsequent modules are released on a weekly basis to give you time to digest all the material without feeling overwhelmed.

You'll start by considering where you're currently at and your vision for yourself, your child(ren) and your family.  You'll define what parenting is for you and set your intentions to ensure your brain is ready and committed to getting the results you want.

You'll move onto considering the relationship you have with your child(ren), how you can strengthen this relationship and build your child's self-esteem.

You'll learn about developing emotional intelligence in your child, why this is so important and how you can directly support your child.

You'll consider exactly how to be in charge as a parent, how to set and uphold limits while encouraging independence.

You'll get into the details of misbehaviour - why your child misbehaves and what you can do about it.  You'll also learn how to calmly get increased cooperation from your child and ensure they listen to you - the first time.

You'll learn about yourself, why you might lose your patience or go off the rails even though you don't mean to and what you can do about it so you stay calm and in control.

You'll do all of this over a period of 6 weeks.  Imagine how different your interactions with your children, relationship witih them and family life could be in just 6 weeks.  It is POSSIBLE!

The lessons have been specifically designed to be short and to the point.  They are each between 3-10 minutes so you can fit them into your schedule and consume them however it works. 

Each lesson is available in video, audio or written format so you can do what best fits your unique learning and lifestyle. 

You'll have access to the lessons as long as the Academy is available so you can go at your own pace or come back and reference the material if and when you need to.

The Academy Lessons


A proven framework to guide you from conflict to cooperation, chaos to calm and help you bring out the best in your children

Each video lesson is between 3-10 minutes and also available as an audio or PDF download so you can consume it in the way that works best for you.

The program has been specifically designed to get you the maximum impact in the shortest possible time without any overwhelm.

The Worksheets & Resources


In addition to the lessons, there are worksheets to reinforce the concepts and help you practice some of the skills. 

These are in PDF format for you to download, print and even stick to the wall as prompts!

There are also additional PDF resources (cheat sheets, trackers, templates, etc.) for certain modules to make it even easier for you to learn and implement as you go.


1:1 Private Coaching Session

Once you have completed all the modules in the program, you will be invited to schedule a 45-minute 1:1 private coaching session with me to discuss any questions, concepts or situations you may still clarity on.

This bonus session is all about you, your child(ren) and your family.  You bring your stuff to the call, I'll answer any questions. help you get clarity and together we'll identify your next steps so keep your momentum.

Join the Academy Today

Feel GREAT about Your Parenting & Family

  • Understand your child's behaviour and how you can best support them
  • Learn how to get your kids to listen the first time so that you stop repeating, nagging, shouting
  • Get pragmatic tools to help you set your family up for everyday success
  • Know how to motivate your child, how to build their self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn positive communication techniques to increase cooperation and good behaviour
  • Know exactly what to do when your child misbehaves or is defiant
  • Understand how your own childhood might be influencing your parenting & how to change this
  • Ditch the guilt, decrease the worry and feel GREAT about your parenting

The Academy

US$ 497

one-time payment

  • Instant Access to Start TODAY
  • Bite-sized lessons in video, audio and PDF formats to suit YOUR learning style
  • Worksheets to reinforce and get you into ACTION
  • Templates, Trackers, Reference Sheets for easy implementation
  • Unlimited Access to the Program
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS 1:1 Coaching Session
Start the Academy TODAY
Start the Academy Today

Limited Time Bonus:  1:1 Private Coaching Session

When you commit to join the Academy and have completed the 6 program modules, you will be invited to schedule a private 45-minute 1:1 coaching session for FREE. (current value US$200!)

This call is to ensure any remaining questions you have get answered and that you get clarity on anything that is holding you back from bringing out the best in yourself and your child(ren).

I am 100% committed to you feeling supported and getting the results you want from the Academy and this bonus call will be an additional opportunity for you to gain further confidence and continue your momentum.

So are you ready uplevel your parenting and family life?  

You don't have to struggle as a parent.  You have a CHOICE.  You can choose to have things stay as they are, for you to feel the way you do and things to stay stagnant. 

OR, you can choose to TAKE ACTION.  

To decide that TODAY is the day you're going to commit to being and becoming that parent you want to be. 

To being confident that you're bringing out the best in your child - and YOURSELF.

Make a Choice.  Decide.  Commit to Yourself and Your Family.

I believe in YOU.  It's now time to believe in yourself.

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