Discover what your daughter needs you to know to be the best mother ever


10 Things Your Daughter Wants You To Know

To be the best mother ever and raise a confident girl

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Hey Mama!

I see you...worrying about your daughter, feeling guilty about how you're showing up as a mother, questioning whether you are doing the right thing or being the mama she needs.

I want you to know you're the exact mother your daughter needs.  And I know you're doing the best you can because you're here.

But what if, I could tell you some things your daughter wants you to hear that could change the way you show up as her mother? 

What if, by hearing these things she needs you to hear, you start to ditch the drama and guilt and begin to have the mama confidence you need to truly delight in your daughter and help her be her best self?

I'm Miki Maruko, Parent and Life Coach and Founder of My Parent  I help mamas upskill your parenting, manage your mind and emotions so that you can be the mother your daughter needs and bring out the best in both of you.

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